Sorry I haven’t posted in forever and a half, busy times. PSA to the computer gamers of the world: tomorrow begins the Steam Summer Sale. It’s huge, get on it. Anyway, summer is here and I’ve been spending it in summer health with the biggest moron of a teacher I’ve ever seen. She told us humans were cold-blooded. 

I was gonna go somewhere with this but in the middle of typing decided to go on Facebook for the first time in forever. It’s a dark place, full of people I used to associate with but now scare me…

So Andrea, my Italian exchange student, gets here Sunday, and he’s here for 2 week then we go back to his house in Italy. That should be basically the best 2 weeks of my life. I promise I’ll post some pics, I plan on taking a lot. 

Also, TagPro. Really, play it. It’s great. 

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